21 Best Yoga Pants, Supportive, Stylish & Sexy…

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Yoga Pants
In This Post You Will Find…
* 21 of the the best yoga pants
* Supportive, Stylish & Sexy
* Most are next day delivery (with prime)
* And best of all a selection ALL UNDER £30 😲

Hope you all doing OK in these crazy times we find ourselves in, the only pro’s of Lock down….I get to live in yoga Pants…!😍. The comfy look is the only way to go and I do find by popping mine on, it does give me that extra push to get some exercise done!!

Try your jeans on ladies, I did and was horrified 😱Definitely gone up a size since lock down began!!! Laying on the bed to fight with my zip..!!wow..! Something I didn’t notice creeping on in stretchy pants..!!

Time to kick ass, few crunches, push ups & some squats…helps with the guilt of the glass of vino..😉🍷. Is it 5pm yet??

Work off that extra wine (lethal calories)🙈 ladies. My butt is proving it to me.! Definitely extra chunk on there in these 7 to 8 weeks!.In fact, what day is it…?? I had to build this blog to keep myself sane!!! Let me know in comments what you have done through lock down to keep yourself entertained.❤.It would be fantastic to hear all our little stories.

Used to be contained to a Weekend little tipple…. now ……oooh it’s Tuesday, won’t hurt, no work tomorrow… then Wednesday, Thursday then yay it’s the weekend..! Why is it we don’t feel so guilty having a little tipple, if its on the weekend?…By the way, my other half thinks weekend now ends on Monday night😏 Yes you’ve got it, we’d slipped into that naughty habit….knocking back a bottle of wine every night of the week…!🍷🙄…It was a struggle, but we cut back…only 4 nights in a week now, changed to G&Ts (less calories)😉

Don’t panic, AA club not quite required just yet, we got this covered, it will be a pleasure to go back to working life again and get some kinda routine back in all our lives. Ween off the naughty habits that have crept in…😉 let me know in comments your naughty habits through lock down?? I’d love to hear from you.❤

The very last one of the 21 yoga pants is the boot leg style, yeah they’re a little different, but ladies these are a must if you want the more flattering look…! Give them a try, evens out the figure and definitely makes the tops of our legs that little bit slimmer 😉.

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