Top Holiday Destinations After Lock Down..

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Whether you’re looking for flights to the Maldives or to Ireland, here is the site...
top holiday destinations

Whether you’re looking for flights to the Maldives or to Ireland, here is the site I use for cheap flights to anywhere. Give it a try and see if you can grab a bargain today.

(Due to covid-19 lock down and all the uncertainty we’re all facing at present, probably best to wait till the end of the year for that long awaited holiday. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save our NHS Xxx)?

Just a little inspiration from my bucket list of holiday destinations. The places I have been lucky enough to visit and the top 3 destinations I enjoyed so much, I actually would return for another visit.

Santorini is a stunning place to visit and one of the places I would definitely return to one day. The sunset is breathtaking and I would definitely recommend waking extra early just to see the beautiful sunrise, even if it is only for one morning of your holiday. Getting around the island by quad bike is perfect for a couples holiday. Plenty of quad hire places to choose from, we had a great deal from MOTO DENIS.

Las Vegas one of my favorite destinations! and if you haven’t been, I’d definitely recommend you make the trip! It’s not all about the gambling and it certainly doesn’t need to be. It’s like a big kids playground!! Arriving at night, seeing all the neon lights as you come into land, definitely has the wow factor. The airport is at the end of the strip, so as you’re coming into land you get the most amazing view of Las Vegas.

Hire a car and 1st thing I had to try out! #1 valet parking at Caesars Palace. I know how that sounds, but being from the UK, its a novelty to try out a bit of valet parking. #2 Drive up to red rock canyon and take in the spectacular views. #3 Drive to the Hover Damn (go early before its packed with tourists) to really take in the enormity of the place.

Majorca is my go to place for a weeks break as it’s only 2 hours flight from the UK. I was very lucky to live and work there for 6 months, but as I’m a home bird at heart, I got home sick and decided to return home to the UK. I lived in the North of the island near Porto Pollensa. Alcudia was only a 15 minute drive away. There are a lot of ex pats living in the North, so I never found the language barrier a problem. I even attempted night school to learn Spanish (still not fluent, but got to learn a little bit of the lingo) plus got to meet some lovely people there from Germany, Lithuania, Africa and Turkey.

Sa Pobla market
Sa Pobla Market

The school was in a place called Sa Pobla, (3km from Pollensa) that would rarely be visited by tourists, but what a beautiful little town and if you find yourself in Majorca, it’s well worth a visit, especially when one of their famous festivals is taking place.

sa pobla
Festival in Sa Pobla

They have festivals for everything. Santa Margalida is the next summer festival, Jazz festival in August, but the best of all is in January, Sant Antoni Festival where it starts with Witches night, where everyone is dressed up, fires lit on the streets (health & safety a little different to ours here in the UK), food trucks dotted all over the town, plenty of traditional dishes to choose from, while people just wander through the crowds from one fire to another, stopping at the occasional bar for vino refreshments.

sa pobla festival at night
SA POBLA at Night Festival

The weekend continues with devils & demons dancing in the streets till the early hours, held in honor of Patron Saints since 1365. The night is meant to remind us of the seductions that Saint Anthony experienced in the desert, some call it the festival of the dead. Spectacular to see and well worth a visit…

My Bucket List Of Top Holiday Destinations.

Recognise any of these destinations below? Feel free to drop some names in the comments below?

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